Uncontrolled landfill: restoring works combined with riverbed reshaping

Our team peculiarity consists of combining knowledge from different professional figures into a single project. This ability led us to carry out a project that has been made of three different interventions: urban waste confining, riverbed reshaping and complete environmental restoration fulfilling.

Environmental and geophysical investigations in an uncontrolled landfill

Our team combined environmental investigation and geophysical surveys, succeeding in performing a complete analysis on this site. This allowed us to understand wastes characteristic and distribution on site, key knowledge that will be used for planning future slope restoring projects.

Birmingham Contamination Expo 2019 – Done and dusted!

The Contamination Expo in Birmingham looked exactly like the perfect opportunity to become internationally known and develop new business abroad, as well as tighten strong collaboration with big partners from all around the world.

Brown bag – Growth opportunities

Zulberti srl is promoting “Brownbag”, a venture aimed at sharing with the whole team each individual knowledge, relating to a more renowned and analyzed topic.

How to manage unexpected issues

It’s not uncommon, during public infrastructures construction in low urbanized areas, coming across waste findings or contaminated soils.
This happening occurred…

Contamination Expo 2019

Contamination Expo Series is Europe’s leading event for contamination and environmental professionals, and the opportunity to put our business in front of six thousand decisions makers,…

Progress Holding AG

The expansion of the Progress group in the industrial area of Bressanone, is achieved through the construction of a new hangar for production purposes and offices for management.

Terre e rocce da scavo, the new excavation decree

A day of professional training on recent legislation concerning excavated earth and rocks (Presidential Decree n.120 / 2017) held by Dr. Geol. Dario Zulberti, C.E.O. of the ZULBERTI S.r.l.

Atena Immobiliare S.r.l.

The project of a new strategic commercial building sited in the North of Trento was an extremely challenging concern for the whole project team, due to the presence of a very shallow …

Gis & modflow integrated analysis

Groundwater have always been a valuable resource for the global development. Nevertheless, they can be challenging in the building construction sector, such as excavating below the water level. Indeed, this is not an easy task, because of the numerous complex variables which must be considered. … read more

Interbrennero SpA

Our client commissioned an environmental survey to detect hypothetic problems related to any kind of soil or groundwater pollution. Our client’s final aim was the construction of an industrial building in the norther area of Trento, named Interporto.

A day into the white

A day on the snow on the Altopiano del Lavarone (TN) turns into an opportunity to spend time with colleagues, to do sports, have eat good food, to take fresh air and why not, even a glass of wine.