The success of a complex project must always involve an adequate data collection directly on site, this is the right way to produce calculation models similar to reality and functional to the design phase. The real strength of Zulberti Srl lies in the Operation team that organizes the activities on site and provides the essential technical equipment for each new job.
The collaboration with certified geotechnical and chemical laboratories, the experience gained over the years by our sampler technicians and problem-solving skills, allow our team to be precise, ready to deal with any unexpected.
The follow-up of a technical project is an additional purpose of the Operation sector. Our aim is to turn the calculation models drawn up by the Remediation and Geoengineering sectors into reality. From the construction of groundwater treatment plants (Pump & Treat) to the installation of aquifer level lowering systems (Dewatering), the Operation divsion deals with interfacing in order to guarantee our customers the best quality/price combination.
The birth of a new project always brings with it new problems which represent the “fuel” of the Operation sector. The presence of different professionals with multiple work backgrounds allows to strengthen the group using the experiences of the individual to increase the experience of the group.
The good planning of the activities must always include a proper assessment of all the concrete risks present in site and the consequent assessment of the measures suitable to prevent them (prevention and protection measures), also in this Zulberti is careful and precise to allow its operators to work safely.

Our activities

Highlights projects

Groundwater Sampling

Groundwater sampling aims to collect water aliquots, on which chemical analyses will be performed in order to learn about the water chemical-physical state.

Reinforced soil in geotechnical engineering

Reinforced soil is a natural engineering technique widely used in recent years. This method allows us to strongly limit environmental impact, by replacing traditional reinforced concrete walls with structures capable of greening the slope.

Slope stabilisation using passive floating anchors

Dal momento che le metodologie precedentemente impiegate presentano limiti economici e modalità d’installazione complesse, gli ancoraggi flottanti di tipo passivo si configurano come un avanzamento delle tecniche di ancoraggio e un’alternativa ai tradizionali rinforzi.