The unique opportunity offerd by environmental geology to enhance the well-being of communities and safeguard the environment


At the Ecomondo fair, experts, companies, and stakeholders have the opportunity to present innovative solutions and establish connections to face environmental issues. The fair provides a unique opportunity to explore these topics by interacting with specialized companies and organizations that are committed to environmental sustainability.

Within the multiple services offered at Ecomondo fair 2023 we are committed to pursuing our vision: ensure the well-being of those employed in the sector and actively contribute to environmental protection. Our uniqueness is due to this duplicity, which is connected with a particular focus on the remediation of environmental damage.


5 reasons to visit Zulberti | Tecnoverifiche stand

1. Advanced technological innovation 

We are at the forefront of environmental geology. During the fair, you will have the opportunity to discover the latest technological innovations in the industry. From geognostical surveys to advanced sampling and detection analysis techniques of environmental matrices, we will show you how we are contribuing to the future of environmental geology.
You’ll explore precision technologies that enable detailed ground surveys, environmental changes monitoring, and plan solutions tailored to the unique challenges of your projects.

2. Tailor made solutions

We’re aware every environmental situation itself has unique characteristics; this leads us to implement tailor made solutions for each project.
By visiting us at the Ecomondo fair, we will be able to evaluate your specific needs and, if necessary, design customized solutions that are perfectly suited to the environmental challenges you are facing. You will discover how our experience and attention to detail enable us to create responses that are tailored to your needs and offer solutions for your environmental issues.

3. Environmental sustainability

The environment is always our priority and we’re fully committed to actively contributing to a more sustainable word. At Ecomondo fair, we will present solutions and approaches that can be used to preserve the environment and promote sustainability. We will show you how our companies actually contribute to a greener and more sustainable future by providing solutions that reduce environmental impact and promote responsible resource management.

4. Specialized knowledge

Our team consists of experts in the field of hydrogeology and environmental geology with extensive experience. At Ecomondo fair you will be able to ask questions and share your specific challenges with a part of the Zulberti and Tecno Verifiche teams. We are ready to share with you our technical knowledge to face complex geological challenges and to ensure the success of your environmental projects.

5. Collaboration opportunities

Ecomondo fair is the perfect event to connect and enstablish collaborations that can lead to finding innovative solutions and working on common pojects. At our stand we will discover together how to design new solutions to address different environmental challenges.
We are always open to new partnerships that can contribute to the realization of common projects aimed at sustainability and at the development of an healthier environment.

Come and visit us from November the 7th to November the 10th

– Hall D4 stand 010 –

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