Visit to the Brenner Base Tunnel: Mules 2-3 lot

The ZULBERTI S.r.L. team visited the Brenner Base Tunnel (BBT) construction site, creating the right opportunity to spend time with colleagues. The visit began at the BBT Infopoint in the Habsburg Fort of Fortezza (BZ) with the presentation of the project by the geologist of the Works Management. From here, the transfer took place to the construction site of the lot called Mules 2-3, near the tunnels, in the heart of the mountain, to closely observe the excavation work.

The entire work designed and built by Italy, Austria and the European Union is intended for the rail transport of goods and people, connecting Fortezza (Italy) to Innsbruck (Austria), for a length of 55 km. The connection with the Austrian Inn Valley Tunnel railway ring road built south of Innsbruck will allow it to reach a total length of 64 km, representing the longest underground railway connection in the world.

The Brenner Base Tunnel consists of a tunnel with two single-track tunnels. The flat tunnel develops under the Brenner pass, which, with an altitude of 1,370 m, represents the lowest and busiest pass in the Alps. Thanks to the almost total elimination of the slope, trains will no longer be forced to face the hard climbs and descents of the existing historic line, thus allowing for an increase in more sustainable rail traffic while decreasing wheeled traffic.

The Mules 2-3 lot is larger than the entire project (39,8 km of tunnels), it extends from the Isarco Underpass construction lot, complex because it passes just under the surface of the Isarco river, up to the state border at the end of which , all excavation works in Italian territory will be completed.

Inside the building site it was possible to access the tunnel, move through the tunnels via the bypasses, admire the construction work and the different consolidation techniques of the tunnel walls. The day ended in a restaurant with a typical South Tyrolean atmosphere, eating a lunch full of typical dishes: Wiener schnitzel with potatoes.

The visit was also an opportunity to strengthen team spirit and why not, also to take advantage of the excellent South Tyrolean food!

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