The Georadar

Zulberti S.r.l. has Georadar instrumentation and specialized technicians, proposing the use of this technology in numerous interventions for the investigation of the subsoil:

  • search for underground services
  • search for cisterns/underground tanks
  • search for underground structures

What is Georadar?

Georadar, also known as GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar), is a non-invasive geophysical prospection technique of the subsoil, as well as one of the most widespread methodologies for engineering-environmental applications. This instrumentation allows to detect the position and depth of objects in the subsoil.

Identification of underground cisterns at a depth of 1,00 m, frequency 300 MHz (above) e 700 MHz (below).

The operating principle of the technology is based on the emission and reflection of electromagnetic waves, which, depending on the purpose of the investigation, can be:

  • low frequency for greater penetration into the subsoil
  • high frequency for better resolution

The frequency of the electromagnetic pulses emitted affects both the resolving power and the depth of investigation.

From an operational point of view, the technique consists in measuring the time taken by the signal to return to the receiving antenna, following its partial reflection by any discontinuities intercepted during its journey. The investigation returns essential information on any discontinuities present in the investigation area.

Why is the use of GPR technology important?

  • It allows the identification of objects of different types in the subsoil
  • It is the most innovative and sophisticated non-destructive investigation technique for searching for underground structures
  • It is the most indirect valid method of investigation within urban and industrial areas, sensitive from an architectural, cultural or environmental point of view
  • It allows the optimization of excavations and invasive investigations by reducing time, costs and risks

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