PFAS contamination: MITENI case study

Recently Le Monde newspaper, published the article «Forever pollution»: Explore the map of Europe’s PFAS contamination relate to the spread of PerFluorinated Alkylated Substances (PFAS) in Europe. The article is accompanied by an interactive map, that shows the sites of known or potential contamination with the possibility to download the data.

PFAS have been spread all over in the world by the ‘50s, they are compounds whose properties and chemical characteristics have negative consequences on the environment because of their persistence and mobility.

ZULBERTI S.r.l. company, starting from October 2021, has been responsible for environmental monitoring, management of the pumping and treatment plants of groundwater and rainwater at the MITENI site in Trissino, in Veneto.

The Italian society MITENI, called RiMar (Ricerca Marzotto), was born in 1965, develop as a center for textile research for the production of perfluoroalkyl substances, especially perfluorooctanoic acid PFOS, used for the waterproofing of textile materials. Form the end of the ‘60s the factory gains international importance and in 1988 Mitsubishi and EniChem took over the factory, and changed the name from RiMar to MITENI.

ZULBERTI S.r.l., through the implementation of a pre-approved project from Authorities, has increased and improved the already existing hydraulic barrier on site. The system now consists in more then 90 pumping and contolling points and it is constantly monitored and improved, through the new wells terebration and the installation of increasingly evolving automation and control systems.

The commitment of ZULBERTI S.r.l. on MITENI Site for the 2023 will see the implementation of operational coring activities, sampling and analysis of the area where the production plant was built.

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