Geoelectric prospecting surveys


The Operation sector has been contacted by the owner of a trout cultivation in order to verify and understand whether there is a sufficient quantity of water in the subsoil to be able to intercept and use, through the use of a water well, for the breeding of trout.


With the aim of investigating the subsoil through a non-invasive but at the same time effective technique, it was chosen to use a methodology that exploits geophysical principles. In detail, a geoelectric prospecting survey has been used that manages to calculate the electrical resistivity of the soils constituting the subsoil and, consequently, to obtain detailed information useful for various geological – environmental environments. More precisely, this methodology is based on the verification of the behaviour of the volumes of material present in the subsoil at a stress caused by the passage of an electric current introduced into the ground.


The geoelectric spreading is realized through the insertion of 32 electrodes in the ground, having a constant geoelectrode spacing. Before performing the measurement it is indicated to know the purposes and objectives to be achieved through the survey so as to set in an appropriate way the particular choice of the type of device to be used in function of the working context as well as the space available and the logistics. On this occasion the dipole – dipole device was used, which is more sensitive to horizontal variations, therefore to the identification of horizontal structures, such as sedimentary levels.

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