Accuracy for your business

It’s not a mystery that being forward-looking in every single step of planning is the best solution, nevertheless in many occasions we’re required to solve predictable issues which affect the whole project development.

In many occasions, the heart of the matter isn’t a technical issue but an ineffective information management and a lack of a framework during the project development.

Who is the thinking mind? Who bears the responsibility of your project?

Everyone in Zulberti is committed to respect the sophistication value of your project, to dedicate you the time you need to perform a global and reliable planning.

Our aim is struggling to become your “pacers” in the whole planning marathon.

To accomplish our winning philosophy, we gathered a multi-discipline team, a cohort of skilled experts with management mastery, because we do believe that making a good job also means that your project must be authorized in short time.

That’s our pledge. contact us here.

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Rilevant projects


Characterization is the fundamental activity for mapping and identifying possible sources of Asbestos Containing Materials (ACM), ideal for planning remediation and demolition activities without losing sight of costs.

New Seismic-Geoelectric instrumentation

Zulberti S.r.l. has updated its instrumentation to carry out non-invasive subsoil tests. The new instrumentation allows you to carry out MASW and HVSR tests, active seismic refraction prospecting and geoelectrical investigations.


Within the multiple services offered at Ecomondo fair 2023, at Zulberti SRL we are committed to pursuing our vision: ensure the well-being of those employed in the environmental geology sector and actively contribute to environmental protection. Our uniqueness is due to this duplicity, which is connected with a particular focus on the remediation of environmental damage.